Through and through guide for Windows 7 + Office + Antivirus?

I'm endeavoring to actualize Uni desk in a VMware domain with Citrix Xen Desktop for get to and task. There is by all accounts many aides that go over abnormal state focuses, yet I've been notable discover one that experiences the genuine points of interest. What I have so far -


I've made an OS Layer Version and put the Uni desk Gold Image Tools v5.01 into the C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts envelope.


I made another Application layer on my establishment machine with the above related picture and endeavored to introduce Office 2016.


So my question is when precisely am I expected to run Optimize64.exe and when/what would it be a good idea for me to do with it? Do I have to tweak something else? On the other hand do I simply need to run Optimize64 and after that the neon refresh/compel and shutdown my Application Layer? The guidelines for the Gold Image Tools bounce around a bit (particularly with the rearming and NGEN bits, I feel like they're in reverse in the guide).


So the TL;DR of it is I have odds and ends of how to introduce stuff all over, however I feel like we're feeling the loss of the interfacing bits crosswise over them and the subtle elements for Office introduce.


I've likewise perused the Layer Best Practices direct which appears like an architect simply writing things out as he considers them (I'm liable of it myself)


Am I missing this general guide? I'm amazingly acquainted with Citrix (Xen Desktop, Provisioning, Xen App, Storefront, and so on) yet am running into issues with lattice in Uni desk. I'm not super familiar with the sysprep/unattend.xml stuff - Provisioning in Citrix regularly deals with this stuff so you don't trick with it.


Your procedure is for the most part right. The thing you don’t need to do is actuate office while making the layer. On the off chance that you do that you then need to rearm it because initiating will make the CMID simply like running the application.


What the optimize64 step does is set up scripts that initiate the desktop when you are building it or when you include the layer so the office actuates on the desktop it will be utilized on and sets up its one of a kind CMID on the desktop and not in the introduce machine.


So in the event that you simply add an adaptation to your layer and rearm office then finish it ought to be good to go to make desktops with. In the event that you are utilizing NP desktops you have to work with buy cheap office so the initiation happens while the desktop is still steady. On the off chance that you are utilizing relentless desktops it doesn’t matter when you apply the layer. One final thing I think you have to reboot after running neon moreover.

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